ID Coaching adopts Integral Approach.

A famous philosopher and psychologist Ken Wilber has founded the Integral thinking. We have applied it to coaching. This thinking is a new movement which integrates the scientific and spritual areas to understand the human being and the universe. Integral thinking means “what is related with “ body, mind, heart and spirit”. The best story which describes the Integral Approach is the story that is written by Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi in his Mesnevi. The story is called the “explanation of an elephant by blind people”.

The Indians enclosed an elephant to a barn to show him to public. Many people were gathered to see the elephant at that dark place. They started to touch the elephant. One of them grasped the trunk of the elephant.

He said the elephant is like a pipe.

Then someone else catched the ear of the elephant. He said: the elephant is like a butterfly.

The person who grasped the leg of the elephant said: The elephant is like a stake.

Another person touched the elephant’s back. He said: the elephant is like a throne.

Every one explained the elephand according to which part he or she touches of the elephant. If everyone had a candle to see the elephant there would not be any contradictions. The sensation eye is like a hand, the hand cannot touch the whole elephant. Shut down this sesnsation and have a true eye.

As suggested in the story, integral approach uses all the wisdom of the cultural backgrounds. It is extensive and well grounded. With the help of an integral map or an operation system, Integral approach helps us find a key to understand the humankind’s important development.


I had the chance to internalize being in the same level with a person’s heart, listening with the heart and  effective techniques such as, Meta Model, metaphors etc. Thank you ID Coaching!