Our Philosophy

Our approach is harmonizing coaching with Western, Eastern and Anatolian perspectives and put into service of all humanity.

This is a journey of “being”. We share this journey all together from north to south, east to west. From Socrates who brings attention to the starting point of everything through his famous quote “Know yourself, identify yourself” to Rumi’s indulgence of “Come, who ever you are, come” and Montaigne’s wisdom “I don’t say what I know, I learn myself. Us, human beings are not over or below other creatures”.

Our coaching approach aims at creating evolution, growth, renovation, creativity and change and based upon universal values that are the common ground of all cultures. It uses all the systems that improve human and aims at bringing individuals from “self-focused” perspective “global” perspective, through the essence and unity. Our guide principles are common values of more than 300 cultures in the world.

Graduates of ID Coaching Program work in the direction of below principles;

1-Personal Integrity 2-Respects for Reality 3-Unconditional Love 4-Fairness 5-Conscious Practice 6-Respects for Human Dignity 7-Supreme Quality 8-Balance


Why ID?
PCC, Mentor Koç, EğitmenBecause content and my satisfaction in every sense is important. Surrendering to the trainer is important, learning coaching from a person who practices what she teaches is important, adopting the spirit of the work is important. That’s why Hatice YILDIRAN, that’s why ID!